Making fuel cleaner,
smarter, better.

Our Mission - To create a bridge to a new fuel economy - Canadian built small-scale gas to liquid plants.

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc, formerly known as Rocky Mountain GTL Inc., is a privately owned Canadian company that designs, constructs, and operates small scale gas to liquids plants to economically convert natural gas and natural gas liquids into synthetic Diesel, Naphtha and Jet fuels.

Our patented Enhanced Gas to Liquids (EGTL™) is a direct “Well to Wheel” solution for the Natural Gas Industry, bridging the clean-burning natural gas, into high performance, liquid paraffinic fuels for the road, rail, marine and aviation markets. Our process is efficient resulting in increased production and economics.

In 2017, Rocky Mountain GTL acquired world-wide licensing rights for the patent process technologies Enhanced Gas to Liquids (EGTL™) from Expander Energy Inc.

Rocky Mountain Clean Fuels Inc.’s “first of its kind plant” located in Carseland, Alberta, Canada is being commissioned, with synthetic fuels sales expected to begin late second quarter of 2023.

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